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Diet Scotland was established 6 years ago by Lorraine McCreary after many years at senior level within the NHS.


Diet Scotland offers  reliable and professional advice from State Registered Dietitians who are  qualified to deal with most clinical conditions.


Our approach is  to affect small changes in many areas - no faddy diets.  We will help you to manage your food choices and eating habits that will enable you to make life long changes to lose weight and keep it off.   

To provide its clients with the best support for their health and well-being Body Morph Fitness Ltd has teamed up with Diet Scotland and Soul Success to offer you the highest level of professional advice in nutrition and personal development.


"It isn’t where you’ve come from, its where you are going that counts"

Ella Fitzgerald

Life Coaching

Soul Success was established in 2002 and has a reputation as an industry leader.


Life coaching promises you the opportunity to assess your life at work & play and achieve your goals with confidence.  Your Life Coach will encourage you to set and achieve goals in all areas of your life, family, financial, career, health & relationships. You will develop a positive attitude and soon be turning stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.

Well-being at Work
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People who exercise regularly are more productive, happier and suffer less stress than people who do not exercise.  


It has also been found that people's general mood improves on the days they exercise but they become less calm on non-exercise days.


Body Morph Fitness is able to provide the MorphFit programme in the workplace.  For more information, see





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